PERMACULTURE: a new spirit moving in the Casamance

La Casamance en plein essor


CASAMANCE.EU promotes and helps several permaculture projects in the Casamance region.

The objective is to turn the tide and to help the population providing a living in a sustainable way, as well as projects simply to grow your own food and to survive an what the earth provides.

We can help you with survival projects, sustainable living, acquiring land, arrange paperwork...

CASAMANCE.EU is a non-profit initiative aiming at the benefit of the parties involved: local population, teachers, educational initiatives...

At the moment we're looking for volunteers to help with a project in the Casamance region, not far from Gambia. The organisator is Duniamâ, led by Isis Noor Yalagi, a very driven spiritual woman with a vast knowlegde on permaculture methods.

Isis speaks french, english and the local languages.

The project foundation and inspiration comes by the work of David Holmgren.

The compound has a very good soil and is prepared for starting up permaculture.

People that are interested in subtropical permaculture gardening are most welcome.

Contact us for further information

Permaculture Senegal focusses on design and maintenance of natural agriculturally productive ecosystems.

It hopes to give an alternative to the devastating deforestation of the region and is seeking reliable partners to give the project a push in the right direction.